Friday, June 19, 2009


Where does the week go? the older I get the faster it seems the weeks go by and months. never enough time.

I went over to Amy's today. Took a break from sewing my quilt. I started making Abby a cheerleader outfit for when football season starts. Can you tell I like being prepared. Any one that knows me I like having things done early. I am not good with last minute details. I bought this little cheerlearders pattern awhile back on the internet. It is cute but I would have done it alittle different.

Most of you all know I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; That is "STEELER COUNTRY" The Steelers are the current Super Bowl Champs, and they have won that title 6 TIMES. Amy had some NFL fabric. Now Abby has her new outfit and a new collar. YES LIZ,I bought the pattern. Can hardly wait til She wears it. I am making one for "HOME" games and one for "AWAY" games. This is the HOME game set. I had some trouble getting the hardware on the collar maybe it is because I am left handed and couldn't figure it out. But I managed. It works.