Monday, June 1, 2009

Hurricane Season Again

YES, it is that time of year again. JUNE 1 to NOVEMBER 1 Now for my part of the country (Texas coast line, Gulf of Mexico) it is usually the last 2 weeks of August , all of September and the first part of October we have to really watch. June and July is usually on the Eastern coast line. I will have to go thru my supplies this week and see what I need to buy , recycle or throw away. Make a list and start buying water, batteries and gasoline. This is the time I try to organize my supplies. I don't want to be caught short. Each year I learn more. What is really sad this year there are some people still trying to recover from Hurricane Ike last year. Galveston is still hurting. It is on the news every day "RECOVERING IKE". You still see blue tarps on roofs. Different parts of town are holding meetings on how we can be better prepared for another one. We have lived here in Texas for over 20 years and Ike was the first hurricane to hit Galveston. it was the second time we evacuated. We left for Rita and Ike. It isn't a good feeling leaving your home and not knowing what will be left when you return. We have been close a few times, hitting north at Beaumont (Hurricane Rita) and south at Brownsville (Hurricane Gilbert).

Yesterday I also finished the valance for Dylan Austin's room and made 2 wheel pillows for his bed.
My part is done ; Timmi and Dylan have to take down the old border, paint and put up new border for Dylan Austin's room. We should take some pictures of his room now John Deere before they make it CARS.
SET (Quilt, pillows, valance)

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