Monday, June 15, 2009

Over the Weekend

Abby got groomed Friday morning. Abby loves Paige, she is good for her grooming. Paige tells me Abby is her favorite.
Can you see the bug or fly in the Amy's pool? Abby wanted it and almost jumped in.

Abby likes to be close to Jacob. Jacob just had his bottle and is sleeping.
Tim and I had the boys Friday night. We had another Thomas the Tank Engine play date.
These boys love trains. I wish my dad was alive to know them . He was an engineer on a railroad. He would have shared their interest. Dylan asks about steam engines and Daddy would have answered all his questions.
Pappy putting the boys to bed. They were such good boys over the weekend.
I MADE THE DECISIONS!!!! I am making the Daisy Doodle. On Sunday I started cutting out the pieces. I still have to cut more white but this will give me a good start. I HAVE to make it now. Can't waste this beautiful fabric.
Baby Jacob starting to coo.

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ARLENE said...

You put me to shame. I'm just lazing my way through the cutting. I hate that part! Jacob is really growing. Great photos of all the little boys and girls, lol.