Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is about the time where I beat myself up and just HAVE to get the quilt top finished.
I don't know why but when I get past the half way point I go into Ultra Speed Mode. I can't stop I have to keep sewing. I put everything aside and go go go til it is done. LOL. I have the backing in the washer now, getting it ready.
I have 12 rows done. Only 4 more then just 1 border. I won't be able to relax, my mind will keep going back to the quilt til I finish the top. I do this with just about anything I do. I have to finish. I guess that is the reason I don't have many UFOs . I have the one I am hand applique when I am waiting at the Dr's. office. I have one of Amy's that is different shades of brown and one I have different members of the family write their names and occupations. I am hoping to get at least one of them finished this year. But each of those quilt I knew they would be a long process.


Linda B said...

Wow, a finisher! I love to start a project, but am a slow finisher. Thus the pile of UFOs on my cabinet. Sigh.

Miracle Of Jacob said...

WOW GRANDMA!!! This quilt is really coming along! This is my favorite!! I love you BIG-TIME Grandma! Love, Jacob