Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daisy Doodle

I finished 1 more row on my Daisy Doodle quilt. That makes 7. Amy laughs at me cause I told her when we first started to learn to quilt I loved scrappy quilts. The last 2 I made have been scrappy. I love the 1930 fabrics too.The more I see them the more I like them. Amy put her name in for this quilt when I kick the bucket. It is not even finished yet. lol
I have been wanting to make Abby a harness. I made this to match her collar. You can hardly see it because of her fur.
She looks pretty in Pink.
You can tell she didn't like up on my cutting table. I was trying to adjust the straps. Amy and Jacob stopped by on Sunday. Look how big Jacob is getting. 15.5 pounds . Check out his chunk legs. I started calling him the "Michelin Man"


Miracle Of Jacob said...

Grandma - I totally agree with you! I love your SCRAPPY quilts! Mommy's just jealous because she's never made one! :) Love you Grandma! I'm saving kisses just for you! Love, Jacob

Miracle Of Jacob said...

Grandma - also, could you please give Abby some kisses for me? I love cuddles from Abby! :) Thanks Grandma! Love, Jacob

Lyn said...

Must say you have been busy! Love the halter on Abby, Your Grandson has really grown! He is so cute. love the shirt.
The quilt is looking really amazing. Keep up the good work and it will be done soon.
Hugs, Lynda in CA

ARLENE said...

I've been sneaking in too many side projects; have to get back to my 30's pinwheels. I love this Daisy Doodle. Amy has more clothes than I do. Jacob is darling!!