Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's All About Abby

Abby went to the hair dressers today. I told Paige to cut her short this time because it is so hot here in Houston. Paige does such a great job. here is Abby in her New Do. It is also going to be easy to take care of for maybe 2 months.

I have been reading more about crating a dog. We have been using a crate since we got Abby. But lately I have been reading about covers for them. They say dog think of the crate as a den. Looking on the Internet I found covers and most were pretty pricey. I thought I could make my own. We put Abby's crate in our bedroom and the color scheme is burgundy. Here is Abby's crate. I thought it was cozy and cofy. A nice thick blanket and her personal pink blankey and a small toy in the corner.
Now I made this yesterday. At night we will put down the front. All the while I was measuring and sewing Abby was watching closely what was Mommy doing to her crate.

I am not done. Today I want to make bumper pads for the inside. Also I may make a cover the the blanket so it will all match. I saw this all on a web site and thought how cute is that. lol. Of course it is all about Abby; she gets only the best. My Little Spoiled Girl.

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Ruthie's Place said...

The little Princess looks gorgeous with her new do.