Thursday, September 3, 2009


I know it has been awhile since I have written my blog. This past month has been long and hard. With having health issue again and computer problems , lets just say it has been hard.
With football season here again, you know I had to make something for Abby and Emma.
Here are their cheerleader outfits.
One for home games one for the away game "of course"

here is Abby modeling



Liz Schaffner said...

Susan...I am glad to see you writing again :-)
I was getting worried about you...hope all is well again?
I have been super busy with our garden ( see my blog) but i hope to get back to normal now ?? What is normal ???
Welcome back !

Linda B said...

Those dresses are just too funny.
Hey, I have totally lost track of you! I was posting the blog names for the block exchange and couldn't remember yours for the life of me! Glad I found you again.

webbsway said...

Hi Susan,
I just found your blog and I just Love it! Your babies are so sweet and I ADORE all of your sewing projects.

Sorry about the health problems and the "puter problems" ! Both stink - but I believe it is part of our "being human".

I will be looking forward to all of your posts! With the holidays bearing down on us - I know there should be some.

hugs, Linda in VA.