Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finished Packing

OK here is my number of containers, boxes and those huge XXX large blue bags for my Christmas decorations. 73. That does include my 9 trees. Now add the 3 huge wooden reindeer's out side and 3 lighted animates ones the grand total is 79 . Maybe next year only 1 tree . yea right!!!! hahahaha. I am done packing . Now Tim has to finish putting it away. Some is up in the attic already. I AM TIRED!!!!.. Ruthie your fat quaters will be in the mail. Everyone quess way too low.


Ruthie's Place said...

Thanks Susan and I thought I had guessed way too high - LOL.
Warm hugs dear friend, Ruthie

Liz Schaffner said... are the QUEEN of Christmas decorations!!!
I bow to you !! LOL