Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Knit Project

I really like to keep my hands busy while while TV with Tim in the evenings. Yesterday I was looking for another knitting project to do . Help me practice.
Looking on the Internet thru some of my mother in law old books. Most of her books were all sweaters. I don't want to attempt that yet but nothing caught my eye. A scarf seem too simple just rows and rows I did that with the hot water bottle warmer. I found this dog sweater.. hahaha. Of course a sweater for Abby. And if I mess it up it won't be so bad. You know me anything for my little girl. Good thing I have all these old needles all different sizes and lots of old yarn. I don't have to buy them. This is what I did last night. Knitting is slow for me.
My neighbor's daughter just bought a home and I am making her a quilt. She told me she likes it simple not a scrappy. This is as simple as it gets. These are the colors of her bedroom and bath.


andsewon said...

nice simple block. pretty in two alternating fabric too.
Saw a blog cute knitted, I think dish cloth dresses...humm ...can't recall which now!!

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