Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dylan Sews

We had Dylan Austin for the weekend. His little brother Harley is sick he couldn't come. Dylan has mentioned a few times he wanted to learn to sew . He just like the sound of my sewing machine and watching the needle go up and down. I told him he could sew today. I cut out all the fabric he needed for a pillow case for him and his brother. He sewed all the seams. He can't reach the pedal , thank goodness I have a button on the machine to sew.


andsewon said...

What a doll!!!
Great job too.
I hope you keep this pic where you can see it!!
I have one of those digital frames love it! Have such cute pics on it.
You may have a budding designer there!!

Liz Schaffner said...

To Cute!!! (don' tell him I said that..LOL
Dylan did a great job, I bet he is super proud of himself! Maybe he will be the next Kaffe Fasset ??
Now you have soemone to help you use up all your fabrics ! LOL