Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pack Rat

I know I am a pack rat. I save everything. But enough is enough,,, lol. I am clearing out stuff I have too. I am running out of room. You know when you open the door to your closet and things fall out… Well I won’t admit to it  but I can understand.  hahahahaha

I made the following articles. from  garbage.. yes I recycle.

Juice pouch bag and a little  coin purse, enough room for ID and credit cards or dollars  on one side and coins in the pocket.. I made 2 of the blue bags and  coin purses and I have almost a red bag  one finished.



This I would have make a cool bag  but it is heavy. I was going to throw it away  but Tim said he could use it in the garage. Yeaaaa  it is being put to good use anyways. I don’t drink coffee   but Tim does. And it is decaf.


Still in the box are target bags  that need to be cut into strips and crocheted into bags. RECYCLE RECYCLE.


Happy Birthday Amy    My middle daughter’s Birthday is today..

Quote of the Day:
Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid.

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