Monday, July 12, 2010

Started Cake Lesson 2

I have done 2 classes of course 2.  here is my cakeP1010456

I wanted to use up icing that was in the refrigerator. Different shades of pink and blue. I am seeing the more you practice the better you get.. So practice   practice..

I also have another top done ready to be quilted this week

here is the top and backing.



Liz @ Moments said...

Susan...your cake looks like a Pro's !! Fabulous job! I bet Tim is gaining weight with these cakes ? LOL

Love the new quilt fabrics...aren't you getting tired of the nine patch?
If you need ideas for some easy quilt patterns, let me know I can send you some links

Ruthie's Place said...

Hi Susan, your cakes look ever so nice and very professional. I'm sure you will soon be getting orders for people who want that "special" cake. I sure do miss our chats.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

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