Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Valentine Wreath

My youngest daughter claimed the valentine wreath  I made before , now I had to make another. Lets hope no one claims this one. I was going to make one for each holiday  but I am having second thoughts I have hot glued my fingers too many times. I my children call my glue gun the  KILLER MONSTER. it is an old black and decker. This glue gun is about 25 years old... hahahahaha   I have newer ones  but I always go to this  old one. It is so messy right now  yuck


webbsway said...

Isn't it an honor when you create something That your children like.

I totally love your wreath too! None prettier anywhere. I bet Winston wishes he could come out and play with them. :-)

Liz - "Moments" said...

Susan, after burning myself 100s of times I finally got a Low-Melt glue works great and my fingers thank me for it!! :-)
Sorry about you cutting your finger...those rotary cutters are super BAD!!
Now Tim will have to do all the housework ! LOL