Friday, January 6, 2012


 Making progress on all my Christmas Un Decorating. packing everything away
Finally got all the trees un decorated.. This weekend  we will work on the outside  then done for another year.. Well really 11  month    well 10.5 months   oh geeezsss got to do this all over again...hahahahahahaha.

Yesterday was my Birthday and Amy( middle daughter) came over with Jacob. I didn't want a cake since I still have ALL kinds of goodies from Christmas and New Years.  She bought over this big bowl of fruit.. I love it .
She also bought me the game Quiltopoly and a mess of quilting /sewing tools..

Timmi got my the white Christmas Tree    

I also jointed up with Liz on her Sewing Room Sew Along.


Liz - "Moments" said... cool is that!! I have never heard of it before but it sounds great!

webbsway said...

Well, it looks like it was worth getting another year older to be treated to those wonderful treasures!

I have never heard of quiltopoly either ? : ) I think you are a "lovely - birthday girl"! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!