Monday, January 16, 2012

Ironing Board 2

I finished my regular size ironing board cover yesterday.
Now both ironing boards have new covers. Hope they last for awhile.
Amy and I went to Joanns and I got 10 Simplicity pattern 99 cents each.. I love sales
I am hoping to make some lounging pants for everyone. Want to break out that serger I got for Christmas.I have heard people saying making lounge pants with a serger is so easy. Lets hope
I picked out this flannel for Tim and I  may even make Abby some jammys. it is not Pittsburgh Steeler fabric but close enough
I got Star Wars flannel for the boys

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Liz - "Moments" said...

I can't believe it ...I don't check your Blog for a few days and then when I do I see you have been out shopping up a storm ( all duplicate patterns are mine...LOL)
Also I love the ironing board covers & caddy you made...what a great idea ! :-)