Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ironing Board

When I was making the arm chair caddy I noticed just how back my ironing board covers were. I really didn't take notice before. I thought I should make some new ones. When sewing the arm chair caddy Liz had this ironing board caddy  I thought how cool is that. I need to make one of those too.  I have 2 ironing boards. A regular one and one that fits over the door. I really use the smaller one; the one over the door for touch ups and pressing seams and quilt squares. Here is the old cover  stained up.When I am finished I just fold it up and it is out of the way.
New Cover
Matching caddy  that I will keep in the closet.
have pockets for all my things I need when I press. 
 You can't forget your finger guards.
How many times the steam burns my fingers making binding. ( For Christmas Amy gave me a box of different sewing gadgets and finger guards was in the box)
Now I have everything I need within reach.
Today I am going to work on the big ironing board. That too needs a new cover.

 I also finished Amy's lighted block for her bedroom
She uses them as night lights  she has them on timers.

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webbsway said...

O Susan - Wow-Wow-Wow! I am awed! I love it all-isn't it amazing how a new piece of fabric looks SO terrific.I had made an ironing board cover too & it did not take long getting it yucky looking. Then one day I spotted a kitty ironing board cover & I got it. Couldn't wait to get it on and enjoy it. It did not take a week before it looked to be in the same mess too. Things sure do not last long there, do they.

I LOVE that little light you made for your daughter- it is awesome. She will know that it is just like you - your love lights the way .:-)