Friday, January 20, 2012

Kitchen Table

My Kitchen table is already for Valentines Day
The candle stick holder on the table is very old . It was my dad's from years ago. I remember him giving it to me when I first got married. He didn't want it any more. I really don't know if it is a good cyrstal candle holder( I don't think it is) or glass. Don't matter to me I cherish it;  it is valuable to me.


Jacob's Mommy said...

Geez Mommy - I really love that Valentine Doily!! So so pretty! And I'm glad that you display that candle holder that Pappy gave you :)

webbsway said...

O Susan,
You certainly do know how to "set" a perfect table! I love the candle holder - it is perfect &&&& that LOVELY doily that took your hard work to create! How perfect is that!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely Perfect!
Now add a smile!!!!!! :-)