Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sewing Patterns

Yesterday Amy and I went to Hobby Lobby. They had  McCalls sewing Patterns on sale for .99, limit 10.
Amy and I had fun just picking out different ones. I like to collect apron patterns and anything to do with organizing any crafts and etc.  Every time they are on sale  I go and buy some.These will be added to my collection. I already have 3 pattern boxes full. I really don't pick up clothing patterns. Hmmm maybe I need to look at those next time. Liz  I promise when I get these in my boxes I will take a picture of all my patterns. Hahahaha   To be honest I don't know how many I have.  I heard Joanns is having Simplicity patterns on sale starting Monday.... Guess where Amy and I will be going.. :)
After Christmas sales are my favorite.. Altho I really don't need anything, I always look. This year I found these 2 Santa's for 90% off  at Joanns; who can pass those up.  Neither of them had list of children's names.  I told Amy   why can we make them with out own names. Amy has a better embroidery machine then I do so she made the list for me. .Personalized. How cool is that?  Tim and I ( Pappy and Grandma)  my 3 girls  Tricia , Amy and Timmi) and my 3 grandsons  Dylan, Harley and Jacob) names.  Thanks Amy I think I will have to find a special place for them next year... I am very happy. Amy brought them over yesterday.
 It is a little chilly here in Houston. Abby finally get to wear some of her sweaters and heavy dresses. 
What girl doesn't need THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS


ARLENE said...

Abby is cuter than ever!

webbsway said...

Looks like you got some real treasures there - I especially like the doggie items and the apron and -well they all look great!

That list Amy made for Santa really is the icing on the cake to make it so special.

I accidentally discovered your precious daughter today while looking at the blogs of the caddies . I was so pleasantly surprised! What Mom would not be honored to share life with a daughter that sweet. : )