Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What A Surprise!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I received a wonderful surprise.I could hardly stand it. I was in shock.
In the morning I went over to Amy's for a visit and play time in her quilt room.  Around 1 in the afternoon I decided I better get home. I was home for about  15 minutes and my door bell rang.  I answered the door and it  was the post man  Hmmmm "Special Delivery". I wonder what it could be. I didn't order anything. Then I noticed the return address    GERMANY    I only know one person in Germany that would send me a package. I thought as I bought the box into the house.. How sweet, My dear friend Liz sent me something.
When I opened the box I shouted OH MY GOODNESS !!!!!!!! She didn't !!!!!!  But she did.  She made this beautiful purse just for me.  I LOVE IT.   It's my favorite colors too  blue and yellow. I am still amazed  writing this post. Liz made me a purse.   Thank you just isn't enough. This purse is a work of art. It is stunning. Did I say I love it. I love this purse.
It sure did make my heart feel so good knowing  she took all the time to make me something this beautiful.
I know you can hardly wait to see it yourself..
This is the front
Look at the detail
she even quilted the fabric herself.
look  at the back
her tag   

there is a tiny heart on the zipper
a small wallet  to use for coins and /or credit cards
I have an original MOMENTS PURSE
Liz, I am speechless. Thank you just isn't enough to say.   but THANK YOU


Liz - "Moments" said...

Your very welcome!
You more then desire it :-)

ARLENE said...

That is a stunning purse, Susan! Your friend is, like you, very talented and generous. Enjoy using it.

webbsway said...

O Yes! It is perfectly lovely - like a piece of art. Blue & yellow are my two favorite colors too!
Liz certainly found a way to let you know how special she thinks you are! Enjoy it & know that you are loved. :-)

Meggie said...

What a beautiful tote bag. I'm new to your blog and love everything about it.