Friday, February 10, 2012

February Project-- Sewing Tote

For the month of February Liz from has the project Sewing Totes.
Amy and I decided on making this larger tote. We are always carrying things back and forth from house to house all the time. Butterick 5006
As most of you know Amy (my daughter) doesn't sew much at all. SHE DOES QUILT.
I was looking for fabric to make this tote.. Amy and I went and made our rounds. JoAnns, Hobby Lobby , Sew Contempo, other fabric stores and nothing popped out at us. I really had a hard time finding fabric. I said to Amy  lets go to her place and look around for something there instead of buying something new.
You would not believe Amy's fabric stash. I call it "AMY'S QUILT SHOPPE".
Low and behold I found what I liked. hahahahaha

Now we have our pattern and fabric picked out - we are ready.....
Monday thru Thursday we sewed  - Finally got it done.
We really should have taken pics while sewing.
We had a few good laughs.  With seam ripper in hand we went to sewing.
The directions I didn't care for  lol - they could have written them better. I was trying to teach Amy to read pattern directions . Why couldn't they have said place seam line to seam line;  or placement line to placement line   NOOOOOO  they say place seamline to placement line. This wasn't user friendly  when I am trying to teach Amy.
But we got it finished and both of us are pleased
Here is mine
 Of course my Abby liked it. :)

Here is Amy's
And both 
Yeaaaa   February Sewing project is done.
If you want to see more of Amy's bag head over to her blog


Liz - "Moments" said...

Susan, your tote looks great!! If ever I make it to Texas...I am not going to Joann Fabrics...I will go straight to Amys Quilt Shop! LOL

ARLENE said...

Fantastic! and I love the photo with Abby in the bag. I, too, hate reading patterns. I've just made 3 large totes (sold one) after taking a class at my guild. I ended up buying the book online and it turns out the directions I worked from were better. I'd never bother going shopping for fabric anyplace else given your daughter's stash.

webbsway said...

OOOO - they Both are so lovely & the wonderful Memories that you two are making together !

You girls rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Val said...

This tote bag looks so useful.
I love the way you can fit everything in it :D
I wasn't following you before but I have put you in my sidebar list now. I am going to comment on several of your posts that I have missed. I love all the things you have made.