Monday, February 13, 2012

Grocery Bags

Since I had the pattern out for the grocery bags for Amy I decided to make a few more for myself. When I go food shopping I am usually a few bags short. And I just don't like those plastic bags ... YUCK!!!!!
I made 4 more  3 with denim lining and one with plastic inside for cold or frozen things.

that gives me 10 bags total. I hope that is enough.

 Amy surprised me with this beautiful bag. I won't  use it to go food shopping but will use it when I go to Joanns or fabric shopping.
She made it extra long so I can buy more fabric  lol
check out my logo. She copied my logo on my blog at the top here and put it on my bag. Now I have a pocket.  Now how cute is that. I just love how personal this makes it for me.
these bags are all the same pattern. Amazing how different you can make them look. buy adding length , an outside pocket. Super cute and these bags are super easy. Don't you just love the little mouse sewing fabric.


ARLENE said...

You sew so quickly! How long does it take you to make each bag?

Meggie said...

Hi Susan...Making them longer is a great idea. I did a post of "market totes" last week from a pattern. I think I will go back and adjust the pattern to make it longer. Thanks for the idea.

andsewon said...

Your bags are awesome! Love the fabric you used. That 'fabric shopping' bag is darling! Love it has your logo on it! Brilliant idea your daughter had with the pocket, keep your coupons in there..;-)! What a sweet gift to her Mama!

Liz - "Moments" said...

I am glad to hear you have gone " green" without even meaning to...LOL
If 10 bags aren't enough...then it is time to buy less food !! LOL The bag Amy made is adorable...I think I need to raid her sash!!!

Klaudia said...

Hi Susan,

thanks for a comment on my blog...
Woow, and your bags are great and beautiful, too.

Greatings from Klaudia(Germany)

webbsway said...

How blessed you are to have such a loving & creative daughter. She had to get it from you, didn't she~ LOL

Val said...

Your grocery bags are fabulous. The pocket with your logo for your shopping tote is so cute. I too love the mouse sewing fabric and hope to get some on my trip to the US. I have seen similar in the online shops and will get some when I come back if I can't find it while I am away. You have given me the idea to put grocery bag fabric on my buy list - something with a grocery theme.

Solstitches said...

What a lovely daughter you have.
I love the bag she made for you and it made me smile that she made it extra deep for you to go fabric shopping!