Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last Of The Potholder

Here are the last of the potholder for awhile. Taking a break but I know I will be making more.
Amy( my daughter) made me a great bag for shopping. She is so full of surprises.
She know how much I love blue and yellow together . And daisy are one of my favorite flowers along with yellow roses.
She made these cute little flowers and sewn on this lovely leafy trim. How adorable with the daisy button in the center.I love the deep pockets for sale adds and more.
 Knowing Amy she had to embroider  and make it personal. She just bought this crazy little sewing foot that makes these tiny flower design next to my name. Again  so cute.
It really make me proud that Amy is loving sewing.
And I will say it is so much fun to go shopping with these lovely is so much better than those ugly plastic bags. I love pretty things.
The other day I was at Joann's with this bag and I received comments on it. 

2 of the ladies were really taking a look at it in the check out line. I mentioned how Amy put on my logo from my blog and one lady said  "hey, I was on that blog"  she remembered the sewing machine.. hahahaha! I think she was teasing,  but if not she probably went home to check out "SUSAN SEWS". 
They said they were going home to make some bags too.
                                                                       Now that was FUN!


andsewon said...

All wonderful kitchen helpers! I to do a potholder. Have the instructions on my blog. Need to start up some for gifts along with towels. Bought some of those on clearance to use for gifts.We have a snow mix falling now! UGH. To have a Nor'easter blow in later. Hope don't lose power have some sewing to do!

webbsway said...

O Susan!
That is one of the most Beautiful totes I have Ever laid eyes on! Are you sure that many years ago that two "storks" did not get confused & mine went to your house?????? LOL

What an honor! You are right about the flowers added it -it really adds some"Bling" as the kids say now!

Meggie said...

How nice to have Amy personalize your bag. I wanted to get some monogram work done...but, it was very expensive....

Olga said...

That bag is absolutely adorable. What a wonderful gift to mom from daughter.