Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pot Holders

I can't tell you how many times I burn my fingers and hands from the oven and microwave. Tim really gets upset with me.  My potholders are so old, and I usually just use a tea towel in the kitchen,and they aren't thick enough no matter how may times I fold them. I decided to make some new ones.
Of course I went shopping for fabric at "AMY'S QUILT SHOPPE". I want to make different kinds.
Amy wants more of these small Pot Pinchers. I want more the the longer ones

These are great for smaller items to pick up.
I like these  they go all around your pot or bowl
what I like most is they hang over your oven door. 
See that is my problem I don't go into the kitchen drawer to get a pot holder. I just grab a towel that is handy.
Now my pot holder is close by
I am going to make alot of different ones. I will be sewing away this week.
I got the patterns from Annie's Attic  but really these are so simple. Everything is just layered , sewn and edged in bias tape. How simple is that.



Meggie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Susan. I love your long pot holders. I've been working on pot holders this week too.

Val said...

Those little pinch pot holders look good. Thanks for the idea. I usually hang my pot holders just inside the pantry door but if I use some fancy kitchen fabric it would look great on the oven door handle. My brain is spinning with ideas :D