Thursday, February 2, 2012


 YAY !!!!!!!!!!! Amy  saved me at least $100. She came over and fixed  my Brother serger 929D.  The part found on ebay for $33.
 Parts = $33
 Labor = Repair person my beautiful  and smart daughter;
Working serger = Priceless
Now that Amy fixed the old one I can keep that one ready just for finishing seams.
thanks Amy.


ARLENE said...

Handy AND beautiful; lucky you!

webbsway said...

HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now you can make her something special! LOL

she truly is lovely!!!!!!!! You lucky Mom , you!~

andsewon said...

WONDERFUL! Now send her here to re-thread mine and show me how to use it!!!!!!Was a deal my DH bought me for BD one year. Was to do classes but they are so far away did not work out! Oh well one day! Enjoy using yours again!