Wednesday, February 15, 2012


One of my neighbors came over yesterday to surprise Tim and I with some cake pops for Valentine's Day.
She also knows I love Hershey Chocolate

Amy and Jacob came over and spent the day.
I was able to get 1 more pot pincher finished

Now it is time to pack away the red Valentine and See what GREEN I have for St. Patrick's Day.


andsewon said...

What cute sweet treats!!I need to finish my Irish pin wheel runner!!!

webbsway said...

Cake pops! They are the absolute Cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could eat a bunch of them! But they are almost too cute to eat. You could "freeze them" & have them forever & forever & forever (well - you get the picture!) LOL

I have not seen the pot pincher before?I like the looks of it. You are so much fun! :-)