Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicken Doorstop Tutorial

Every since I made the first chicken Doorstop back in 2008  here;postID=7728231562267290101
people are still asking me for the directions. Some leave comments and want the pattern but don't leave an email for me to send it to. So here is a tutorial .This is my first tutorial so please bear with me.
here are the the patterns
(There are 3 pages to the file.)

Cut out pattern pieces. Sew body "A"  leaving an opening 
Pin B to A
  Add batting/stuffing   but this is optional

 sew on quilting lines
 pin C to B

Add batting/stuffing to wings and sew on quilting lines 
 add ric rac  ( again this is optional)
 sew wings to body

 add ric rac to B( tail)
 sew the bill, comb and wattle to chicken marked F, G and H
 stuff body 
 hot glue bottom to cardboard
 add brick ( I didn't have a full brick   this is all I had)
 sew bottom to body
 finished chicken
 I personally like the shorter wings  I ajusted them  
 all done back view
 side view

I do hope this helps anyone who has been asking for the pattern.


webbsway said...

O Susan!
How cute she is and I agree with you - I like the shorter wing the best!

Meggie said...

This is an adorable idea. Thanks for sharing. Your photos give lots of details...

Solstitches said...

Thank you for a great tutorial. The chicken is really cute and would be a great fundraiser.

Heather said...

I love the doorstop Aunt Sue. I think
mom had one like it way back when. I like the shorter wings too.

Marie H said...

Merci beaucoup Susan :-)

Kaye Maye said...

I love the chicken doorstop and really would like to have the pattern. I want to make it for my sister for Christmas. Please send me your pattern to my email - Thank you very much and pray you have blessed Thanksgiving. Kaye

Anonymous said...

I love the chicken doorstop and really would like to have the pattern to make. It says I have to pay to join some site before I can download the pattern though? Could you please email it to me? thank you so much.

Chanda Costa said...

Lovely! I cannot wait to make one of these for my new kitchen! I was not able to download the pattern. If you could, I would very much appreciate it, if you would e-mail the pattern to me at

Thank you so much for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Susan, can you please send me the pattern? We want to make as a surprise for my husband for Christmas 2016. How can I get my email to you? I don't want to use the option below as he will see if it goes to our google account. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Myra Smith said...

can I please get the pattern for the chicken doorstop. my e-mail thank you myra

grandma butterfly said...

Susan, could you send me the pattern for this chicken doorstop? I made some of these in the 70's and lost the body part of the pattern. I somehow still have the felt pieces. Now my granddaughter has a birthday coming up and she loves her chickens, so I thought I would make her one of these. They turn out so cute!

Anonymous said...

I dearly want to get this chicken doorstop pattern. My mother made two of them many years ago. She has been deceased many years. We never found her pattern. I cherish each one and would like to make them as a special gift to my sister and daughter, plus use as fundraiser for my gospel ministry in Africa. My email is:
. God bless you for sharing.