Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little Projects

I am trying to get finished with some of my little projects. I need to clean off my table.
I was able to finish another potholder for a friend, Paige she grooms Abby. She is the best groomer around.
her kitchen is red
 Finish Amys scrap pot pincher. I must have cut too many half pieces and i didn't want to throw them away. I sewed them all together and made this little pincher for Amy . She loves these little pot holders.
Youngest daughter'sTimmi purse organizer. Timmi carrys a BIG purse so I made this one bigger and longer for her

I ran out of bias tape so I need to run to Joanns today. I have 2 more potholders to finish


Meggie said...

Do you have instructions for the purse organizer? Forgive me for asking if you have already done a post about it. I can never find anything in my purse...

webbsway said...

You should be so proud to finish off these small projects. Sometimes the small ones stop me dead in my tracks- I want to do them and move on but I want to do something different????? I guess the hardware in my brain just goes -coo-coo!!!!!! I love your projects.

Heth said...

Love your purse organizer.