Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mats For My Machines

As you know I have been  trying to organize my sewing room. Every so often it gets out of hand. I have to redo things. Since I joined up with Liz and making new items for our sewing room I decided everything must go and bring in the new. NO  not my machines just the little extras. hahahahaha
This is my main machine
 My Serger
 Ole Faithful
This month for March we were to make thread catchers. Well I needed new mats for my machines.
I can't get a picture of all 3 in a row on my table. Now when I go from machine to machine I don't have to take scissors or seam  rippers with me, each have their own. I am a happy camper.
I will have to try later again. I am still working on my filing  in the sewing room. I didn't get much of that done yesterday.

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webbsway said...

O Susan,
Does that mean that you love BLUE , like I do.

Your mats are "to die for"-something that beautiful will be a joy to use. You are so talented.

Did you made your lovely daughter one?