Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Pantry

Over the past 2 weekends my husband has been working on building a small pantry for me. The pantry we have in the kitchen is small and its an angled . it is very hard to get things in and out. I have always disliked this pantry, really a closet.  Things were always falling and it was just a mess. I don't have alot of kitchen cabinets  either. But I have been on PINTEREST lately and I see these beautiful organized kitchen pantry s  I have been talking with Tim (my husband) about doing something for extra storage in the kitchen for a long time. Enough was enough!  It was time.
We have this small space between the pantry and the garage doors. I decided I wanted something there. The pantry door is on the left, the garage door is on the right.
We moved this to the other side by the table  for the time being .
I know its small but anything will help  Off to Home Depot for wood and etc.
It's coming together. We measured where I wanted the shelves. I didn't want to make it too hard on Tim making the shelves adjustable.  I am getting excited, I see a pantry.
This is my pantry  A MESS!!!!! It is hard to take a picture because the walls inside are angled  so much wasted space. You can't fit things in the corners

Tim even added 3 shelves to this pantry before for me. but again the angled walls/corners. I really shouldn't be showing you my messy pantry.  lol
I knew the first thing to get organized was the cooking sheets and pans. We measured for the top shelf  so that I can put them vertically. Love this way . Cookie sheets and pans don't come flying out at me. We measure for different things for each shelf. I am going to love this little pantry.
here is my old pantry cleaned and organized now.

even reorganized the spice door rack.
after 3 coats of paint
First shelf  cooking sheets and pans. I bought the divider at Walmart.  Now I can pull something out and only what I want comes out. Nothing is going to hit my head. hahahaha.
inside is finished.   YEAAAAA!!!!!
Tim is working on the door 
for the hinges

the door has 4 hinges

Now Tim has to put 2 more coats of paint on the outside of the door  one is on. I just couldn't wait any longer I wanted to post.


webbsway said...

O Wow! Susan!
I think I am pea green with envy!!!! I LOVE your idea about the pans -that is a wonderful idea!

I have always wanted a "pantry" also so one day I got the bright idea to pull in a very old "bookcase" -all of a sudden I had a small pantry for canned foods.
What a wonderful hubby to do such a good job-even if it did take him a day or two? LOL

Meggie said...

Great idea for using this dead space. I live in an old farmhouse, so I'm always looking for ways to extend my storage space. I have a small pantry. But, my Keeping Room has a 3-door armoire. I use 1 door to display dishes, 1 for extra food items and cookbooks, and the 3 door has my microwave and less used gadgets stored in it.