Monday, March 19, 2012


Down with St. Patrick's Day decor and out come the Spring /Easter

Here is my Dinning Room

I still have to make some kind of wreath.

Tim put up my button in my sewing room. I had the scissors. last week I found this blue button at Hobby Lobby.                                              
The sewing room itself is organized   But the closets, that's another story. I have to clean them out. I have way too much in them. But at least my papers are organized. I was thinking of making the top on the filing cabinets a pressing station. Or should I make a runner and decorate.

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webbsway said...

O Susan,
I love your neat button & scissors! They are perfect to accent your beautiful sewing room (Or studio , as some call them)

You are such an inspiration If you only knew how much I love seeing you decorate !Thank you for doing it & thank you for sharing it. You are like a "Light".