Friday, March 16, 2012

Thread Catchers

Finally got to sew alittle yesterday.. I have been cleaning and sorting in my sewing room. I can finally see a difference.
Here is my thread catcher for the month of March  with  Liz Sew Along
 This cute lil triangle was so fast to make . If I make it again I will make it BIGGER
Same thing with this little catcher. I was surprised how small they were.
But they are cute.  :)
Amy and I made these yesterday. Mine is blue of course    Amy's is purple

I got a picture of all 3 machines 
April is pincushions


webbsway said...

O Sue
They are all so pretty . I love them all.

Lisa said...

Lovely... what a great idea!

DoriLoh said...

Wowhave you beautiful stitching thread catcher, I liked it very well
Best wishes Doris

Solstitches said...

Everything you've made is so lovely.
It must be a lot of fun to sew alongside your daughter.

Rosa said...

They are very nice.I love them!
Thanks for stopping by