Thursday, April 19, 2012


What happens when you your mouth hits the bricks?????
This is what happens.. I fell outside and my mouth and lip HURTS

A nasty scrap under my nose   But what hurts the most is my upper lip.
One way of not


Jacob's Mommy said...

Man, Mommy :( I just feel so bad for you :( this was pretty scary to see happening too :( I'm just so so sorry :( I love you BIGTIME

ARLENE said...

Ouch, Susan! That looks like it would hurt like $#$%! Sure hope it feels better soon.

webbsway said...

I am So very sorry that you got hurt. I know how that feels - a friend I have told me; that I am just an accident waiting to happen- - so please don't take up my bad habits as they are just too darn painful!

You might try busting a vitamin E and put that on for faster healing.

I really am sorry though. BAD GROUND- BAD-BAD-BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!