Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Potato bag

Abby's stylist Paige is coming to bathe and groom her today. .She has been grooming for over 3 years. She has been her ONLY groomer and  I love how she makes her so pretty. :)
Paige decided to go back to college and doesn't really groom dogs anymore. I begged her to come to my house. For 2 years now Paige has been coming to my house and still makes my Abby beautiful. She is the best. She is so sweet. I like to make her something extra for going out of her way and doing this for me.
Last time she was here I was showing off my potato bags. She said she love sweet potatoes and it always takes so long to bake or boil. This is her prize for today. Her kitchen is red.
Paige just left. here is Abby all pretty and groomed   thanks Paige

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webbsway said...

O ABBEY is WAY beyond pretty - she is drop dead beautiful and so full of love for you-it shows in her eyes.

Thank you for sharing your story about your big design - when you said what happened I took a big breath- How wonderful that you were able to save it -all of that work????? Congratulations for the WIN. That is always sweet. :-)