Thursday, May 10, 2012

Turtle Table Topper

Turtles are my new thing. lol  When my darling husband Tim built my pantry in the kitchen I wanted to put something on top. While Amy and I were shopping at Hobby Lobby I saw this little critter.
Then I saw him a few weeks later
Look at those BIG EYES . :)
I am not  going over board on the turtle thing but I do want 1 more. 
Amy knew I wanted to change somethings around. 
She brought down to my house my Mother's Day present early. ( She just can't wait) lol
 I am glad she couldn't wait too. Look what Amy made me.!!!
 This is the back   Amy loves to machine embroider too
 And of course my new towels
Just look at that turtle fabric   so cute.
Thanks Amy I love it and I do appreciate all the work that went into it,

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webbsway said...

O MY GOODNESS , Susan - I cannot believe what Amy made for you!!!! That is the neatest Mother's day gift I have ever laid my eyes on! Wow! I have a friend who loves turtles because she thinks she has a "turtle" personality -slow and steady - while we agreed that I had the bunny personality - full speed ahead. It is just a shame my "bunny" had to get older and SLOW DOWN to turtle speed. LOL

So I also Love your other turtles too.They are precious. I still cannot get over all of that work . She certainly loves you -you two are so blessed. Keep up the good work - gals.