Friday, June 22, 2012

Thread Case

For the month of June in Liz Sew Along( ) we were to make Thread cases. When Liz posted a few options  I knew I would be making more than one. 
This one had 2 patterns, a large one and a small one.( ) Of course I had to make both. I decided to use the same fabric I used for the big Sewing bag.  This the large one.

5 pockets

Small One

2 pockets

BOTH Large and Samll

This one is cute  I was thinking of using this for my purse.

Amy finished  her small one

If any one knows FRENCH and could translater this pattern for me   I want to make this one too. it is so cute

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Liz - Moments said...

You are amazing !!
DO you ever sleep ??
I can't beleive you have made 3 thread holders and I have just picked out my fabrics!!!
I need to catch up ...LOL