Saturday, July 28, 2012


I decided to make a few washable swiffers.
I just never know when I am out of these little disposable things.
I have 2 different kinds of handles   the older blue and the newer yellow. So yes  I buy both.
I even have a long handled  one for up high and ceiling fans.
This is the first one I made.. I had some really cheap flannel from Walmart I bought YEARS ago. I bought a yard of this a yard of that.  It is ok  but as you can see the flannel is very thin. I need more layers
Here is my second attempt. This is out of some old cleaning cloths I had bought from the dollar store awhile back.  Again it will work  but not to crazy about it.
Made this out of Microfiber dust cloths I bought again at the dollar store. Although I like the weight of it  I should have serged the  edges where I cut . I made it longer then the others  it can reach  in back  by the TV.
My last try for today. Back to the old flannel. but more layers. I like this one.  Finally!!!!!! I think I am going to cut up all that old flannel  and make these. That flannel couldn't be used for anything else. .
No more buying the disposable ones  I will have a few of these around that can be washed.
Next on my list is making them for the floor model I have.  Years ago I crocheted one and I do use it, but not as much as I should. maybe if I had some flannel ones  I wouldn't buy the disposal ones for this too.If I have them made of flannel I could even wet them for spot cleaning. . Do you think I am going "GREEN" LOL
the old crochet  floor swiffer cover.

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