Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finished Needle Case, Box

I am really pleased how this Needle Box came out.  I have no idea why I waited so long to do it.
All closed up.  I made a tassel for the top out of my crocheting thread. 
I crocheted a 26 inch length chain for the cording. But I did double the string.
The center. Thimble holder and I put 4 layers of batting on the top to make a small pincushion.
I probably should have put more layers  but I was afraid of it being too high.
 The pocket
 The pocket I made was for my little pair of scissors 
I wish I remembered where I bought these. They fold up 

all opened
 Just pull the cord and it closes up. 
Put the lid on and it is secure.
All closed.
Now to find a place on my shelf  in my sewing room.
I must say it wasn't bad doing it.
I didn't pull out my hair nor did I glue my fingers together. But I did have the warm wash cloth close by and paper towels. I had to wipe my hands off alot. But I am messy. And I did use a half of bottle of Aleene's clear tacky glue.
Be careful don't put alot of glue on. Alittle goes a long way. I would also cut  the pieces alittle bigger than what they say. it did take awhile to complete  but I was being careful and waiting for things to dry properly.
Would I make another one?  Probably,  but not tomorrow. (wink)
I found a web site that still sells  this pattern and others.
Hmmmm I like the  Victorian .


Liz - Moments said...

You should be pleased...its beautiful !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi...I am the designer of the box you made.

I like the look of your Granny's Needke box. Nice way to make the draw string...I have a collection of about 40 colors of cording and tassels so don' t have to make my own...the kit does show how to make your own. Check out my web site to see all the products that the Rushin Tailor does not carry.
Joanne at