Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Needle Case

 The month of August for Liz's Sew Along we are to make needle cases.
Here are mine.
 All three open
All 3 closed
This one I use for hand sewing needles.
This one is my favorite. I made one like this YEARS ago and I use it alot. I wanted to make one to match my sewing room. Wouldn't you know it, I was in a hurry and sewn the felt on the wrong side. I was not paying attention; You know how it goes. I stopped for dinner  then came back in the sewing room wanting to hurry up and get it done. At least I was able to use coordinating fabric. :)  I am sure at least 1 person will see the mistake.(LIZ)
This matches my sewing room . These are so cute   compact I like how the cases fit.
open   This I use for my machine needles.  Sewing 
This one matches my sewing tote when I have to take my sewing with me.  This one I have different kinds of machine needles, double needles, embroidery,  regular machine needles.
I am so glad Liz is doing this sew along.   Thanks again Lizzie !!!
All of these pattern you can find on Liz's Blog.

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Liz - Moments said...

WOW, I haven't checked blogs for a few days and now what do I see made 3 needle cases ( I should of know ! LOL
I hate to admit it but i didn't see the mistake on needle case...guess its time for new glasses ?? LOL
Great job !