Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Tim and I both got new IPhones.  And if any of you know us.. That is saying something big.(wink)
Tim doesn't change his phone much at all. he has had only 3 phones. He will use his phone til it dies. His first phone AT&T told him  he had to stop using it . His phone was still on analog, he had to go digital. lol that was his first phone.  Then he got a digital  a flip phone. That was so bad and even spot welled the antenna. But he kept saying it works. I played with my daughters IPhone for a few months and liked it.  I wanted  a new phone. I got a IPhone 4 S  and I got Tim an IPhone 4.
The whole point of this post is to show you the little pocket I made to charge the phone.
I found this link awhile back and always had it in my mind I needed to make this.
While my daughter Timmi was here visiting with her 2 boys I made it and she took it home. :) She loves browns

I will make one in colors I like.

Here is Tim at the Midland, Texas Airport playing Angry Birds on his IPhone. Gotta love that man!!!
We are still learning how to use these so called smartphones.

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