Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Too Many Projects

I usually finish one thing before I start another but lately that is not the case. I have stuff everywhere.
I don't know what my problem is  lol.  I have too many things going on in my mind that I want to do and not enough time.
I have even dragged stuff in the living room because I can't work in the sewing room.
The blue fabric is for my sister, Carole.  the red and green is for another wristlet I am making. The football fabric is for  Dylan and Harley (my grandsons) want  football lounge pants, I was embroidering things too I have my stablizers out   you can only see one.  Zippers are all over the floor, binding, patterns and DIRECTIONS. Then of course my crocheting. Bags and bags of thread and yarn. Bags on the floor  and I can't close the closet door now. I need someone to come in and clean up this mess.  What I need to do  is finish my projects. And here I am thinking of more projects to do for Christmas. ( slippers, a new purse, neighbors gifts and .....) never ending   Will 2013 be better?  I sure hope so. I am in a mess here.Maybe some chocolate will help. Yeaaaa chocolate.!!

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