Monday, September 17, 2012

Wristlet /Wallet

I have been wanting to make this for awhile now. You know you go out side for a walk around the neighborhood, just sittting out on the patio, running over to neighbors  so somewhere you don't want to take your purse and everything in it. 
I have seen a few on line and I wanted alittle of this one,  alittle of that one. So I came up with mine own.
In the front I can have my cell phone and a small zipper part for cash or anything else(lip balm) .

My cell phone even has a extra padded case. It is an Otterbox case, a yellow one.( I have trouble finding my phone  I needed a bright color that I can spot right away)
The back of the case  has my ID, driver license  and/ or credit card , also a pocket for my inhailer.

 all zipped up

 I am happy with it. But now  I was thinking of actually making a longer strap if I wanted to put it around my neck, keep my hands free. I did put a small tab on each side, I can connect  the strap.
AND I  am thinking of making one  bigger to hold my camera too,  maybe just thicker. I could put my cell phone and camera  in one place.   I will have to think more of what I want.  I really don't want it too big. may as well take my purse. lol
Oh  by the way, it only took 1 fat quarter. I made the lining the same.fabric. When I make another I will use 2 different fabrics.

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Liz - Moments said...

Very cute !!!!
I want one !! LOL