Monday, November 5, 2012

Measuring Tape Cover

I can hardly believe it is November already. Where did this year go?  How fast time flies by when you are having fun. For November (our last month for the sew along) over at Liz Sew Along
 We are to make measuring tape covers. As always she has posted some lovely patterns.  Since I am in this "crocheting mode"  I crochet one for myself.

A rose cover with a leaf for the tape pull


I used size 10 crochet thread, it is called OCEAN  and I used a size 7 hook
I just made a simple rose 4 layers of petals, then on the 5th layer I crocheted a circle of single crochets  the size of my measuring tape (if and when I make another I would probably make another layer of petals to make the rose larger.
The bottom is just a circle of single crochets the size of the measuring tape  and I crochet  them together with half double stitch. The leaf is made from mint green and sewn to the pull tab.

I am sure I will go back over to her blog
and sew one as well . They are all so cute.


Meggie said...

This is absolutely adorable...what a great gift that would make!

Val said...

Such a wonderful cover. I love the little leaf. I have been collecting lots of patterns throughout the sew along.