Monday, January 21, 2013

Scrubbies All Done

I just finished all of Timmi's scrubbies.
Here are the directions my sister Carole gave me... I will attach pictures too...

Buy 4 yards of nylon metting..
Use size "K"  crochet hook

Fold the net from cut end to cut end until you have about 10 inches..
cut 2 inch strips
tie 4 strips together.

measure off 2 yards of  the last strip with a safty pin.
roll into ball
starting with first strip chain 5
join to form circle
2 single crochets in each chain
continue with 2 crochets in each stitch until you get to the first knot.

now single crochet in each stitch.
as you crochet pull all know in the center.
crochet til you earch the safety pin
skip a single crochet     single crochet in next..
every other stitch pulling snug 
continue    tie off and pull the rest of the net into the center.

This should make 8 scrubbies.. I do get 9 scrubbies  but the last one is alittle thin.
They will be mailed out to my daughter. She said her baking pans misses them . :)


Barb said...

Oh wow....that is smart!

Anonymous said...

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