Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bowl Potholder

Everyone in my family knows that my hubby Tim LOVES ice cream. He can sit and eat a half gallon all himself if I would let him.   Years ago my mother took a trip to Mexico and saw this ice cream  bowl she brought it back for Tim.

 Every time I get ice cream for him I wrap a dish towel around the bowl.  The bowl gets cold for his hands. I have seen these before on the Internet just never bothered to make it. My to do list is very long. You know how things just get put off. I had bought this pattern a few years back and had thoughts yep going to do this.  Again the project got put on the list.


Finally yesterday I got it done. I made a few changes . I knew this wasn't going to be put in the microwave so instead of cotton batting I used insul bright thinking it would hold the cold in protect his hands from getting chilled. I made it 10.5 inch square.  These were very easy to make. Now why didn't I make it before?

I made a few more

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Rhonda M said...

I have seen these on line but just assumed they would be tricky. Yours are lovely!