Monday, March 8, 2010

Out With the Old In With The New

Funny how we get dependant on gadgets. We have had a microwave for since 1985 The first one we had was a counter one. Huge big black thing. It still works and is in the attic. When the one above the stove breaks we would get it down and use it til we got another. We have even loaned it out . Like I said over 25 years old and still works. Tim has replaced the microwave three times since living in this house. We moved in 1992. This time he has to replace the back panel that is attached to the wall. I guess he was able to use the same panel.
When he took the panel off the old old wallpaper was there. That wallpaper was here when we bought the house. Do you remember the corn blue flowers?
Old Microwave

We change the wallpaper when we moved in to green ivy.. Hmmmmm I think maybe we chould change it again. lol
New Microwave

I wonder how long this one will last?

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