Sunday, May 31, 2009


Friday night we had the boys over night. Tim and I just have so much fun with them.
Here they are eating lunch and Abby hoping for some table scraps. The boys did good, no droppings.
Dylan summer hair cut
Harley's summer hair cut
Dylan was learning Military time on Pappy's pocket watch.
Harley watching Land Before Time movie(dinosaurs).

Friday, May 29, 2009

CARS Quilt

I finished the CARS quilt for Dylan Austin. I am making 2 pillows for his bed too. AS soon as Timmi gives me the measurements for the window I will make the valance to match using the backing and checked fabric. measures 94X65

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday I spent the day over at Amy's with her and Jacob. He wasn't having a good day. poor little thing. I held him while Amy quilted the "CARS" quilt. With me holding Jacob alot I didn't take any pictures of the quilt on the frame. I didn't take pictures of Jacob either. These are the only one I took as I was packing up my truck to go home. Hopefully today I will get the binding done. Amy and Jacob are coming to my home today.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Full House

Yesterday Amy stopped over with Jacob. Boy is he getting big. WOW, I can hardly believe how fast he is growing. Now that he has cereal in his bottle he will really grow.
Timmi stopped over with the boys too. How much fun are they. I Love it.
Dylan was asking all kinds of questions about Jacob. He was showing Jacob his toys and wanted to know if he knew his colors yet. He said he would help him to learn. The little sunshine toy on Jacob's swing has all kinds of ribbons around it; it plays "You Are My Sunshine". Timmi has sung that song to Dylan since he was born. Dylan was singing it to Jacob and Harley joined it too.
Harley said the baby's name is Jake. Every one calls him Jacob no one has ever called him Jake.
When Harley was leaving he said BYE BIG JAKE.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Over The Weekend

Timmi decided to change Dylan Austin's room from John Deere to Disney CARS. When Dylan was born Timmi made the nursery All John Deere. It is really cute. But Dylan now going on 5 loves CARS.
Timmi just redid the kids bathroom from duckies to CARS. It looks great. One weekend while Tim and I had the boys she and her husband changed everything in their bathroom. When they brought the boys home they really liked it. Dylan Austin to me I needed to come to his house to see his bathroom, it was really cool. he started to tell me all about each piece like the toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. ( lol he is so funny). When we went over he was showing us he wanted to show me the shower curtain hooks and that they were in a "pattern" Mc Queen , Mater and Doc, Mc Queen , Mater and Doc. so on and so on. 4 years old and knows that already.
Now I am working on a CARS quilt for Dylan Austin's bed. I started out with a cheater panel for the center and just added different side borders. Also going to make a valance for his window too. The backing will be the last border the back and red fabric. I will also do the valance in the fabric. When Walmart was deleting their fabric department I got that material for $1.00 a yard. I bought alot.

Here is a quilt top finished. Hopefully I will get it quilted this week. She did mention that Harley may want to change his room as well. From Cowboys to Cars.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Please remember all the men and women that keeps our United States free

thank you

Sunday, May 24, 2009

More of the Boys

These boys just crack me up . They can be so cute and funny. They were both so good for Tim and I.

Look at these faces. LOL Angels right?
Also the Dr. called about Jacob and told Amy to start giving him cereal in his bottle.
My neighbor called and said she hung her kitchen curtains up and loves them. I am glad . It is always nice to hear they like what you made.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The boys spent the night. We brought out all the Thomas the Tank trains out. We had a Thomas there were about 5 different layout. They went from one to another having fun. of course they were so good at Grandma 's.
Harley playing with the take alongs
Dylan playing with the bigger layout
Even the neighbor boy came over to play. We went outside for awhile too.
Then it was time for bed. my handsome boys.:)

Friday, May 22, 2009

More Fat Quarters

I ordered these 20 Fat Quarters from ebay. I got a good price on them. $22.00
I love these 1930 prints. I had some here already and I didn't know Jacob was getting me that big stack .Talking about Jacob he had his ultra sound and he doesn't have acid reflux, I guess he just spits up alot. I am glad all is well. he still doesn't sleep well at night though. Amy says he cries half the night and nothing calms him down. He gets worn out from crying then sleeps the rest of the night.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Look what Jacob brought me last night. Talk about being surprised! I didn't know little Jacob could get on line, work the Internet and type up an order; let alone that he has a credit card. He ordered me a stack of 1930 reproduction fat quarters, 80 of them. He bought his mommy some too. I think Amy needs to get parental control on her computer. lol Look how pretty. Just what I need for my new quilt. I am waiting for the templates to come in to make the Daisy Doodle. Now to pick 28 fat quarters from this stack. Amy is thinking of making the same quilt too.
Jacob is getting an ultra sound done today. He may have this acid reflux, poor little thing; he spits up alot.


I finally finished my neighbors kitchen curtains and valances. She picked the fabric and trim. She came knocking at my door with fabric in hand saying "CAN YOU? lol. She explained she couldn't find anything she really liked at the stores already made.
She has a very big window in her kitchen and the sun comes in right by her breakfast table. I lined the 2 panels with that room darkener fabric. Not easy to work with but I made it.

The bathroom valance. I used a heavy cream cotton for the lining.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Boys

Yesterday was a bit hectic but FUN.
Amy, Jacob and Tricia came over around 10:30 in the morning and Timmi came over with the 2 boys around noon. What a lively time we had. Even Emma came over to play with Abby.
Harley thought it was nice to have a baby in the choo choo bed. I was trying to explain that I used this same crib for him and Dylan he said no way!! When I told him it was his mommy's bed too he laughed. And Dylan asked if Jacob was still 0. Yes Dylan, Jacob is still a baby not 1 yet. With all boys ages 4, 2 and new born can you imagine in 2 more years 6 , 4, and 2. lol

How did Jacob sleep with all the noise.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dylan's Soccer Game

Saturday was Dylan Austin's last soccer game for the season.
My son in law; Dylan coaches his son's team.
Here is Daddy and Dylan Austin.
The team and coaches. Look for Harley. lol he is in the middle of the group with his blue hat. He wants to play so bad. Next fall he will be old enough to play.

Dylan playing goalie