Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finished Needle Case, Box

I am really pleased how this Needle Box came out.  I have no idea why I waited so long to do it.
All closed up.  I made a tassel for the top out of my crocheting thread. 
I crocheted a 26 inch length chain for the cording. But I did double the string.
The center. Thimble holder and I put 4 layers of batting on the top to make a small pincushion.
I probably should have put more layers  but I was afraid of it being too high.
 The pocket
 The pocket I made was for my little pair of scissors 
I wish I remembered where I bought these. They fold up 

all opened
 Just pull the cord and it closes up. 
Put the lid on and it is secure.
All closed.
Now to find a place on my shelf  in my sewing room.
I must say it wasn't bad doing it.
I didn't pull out my hair nor did I glue my fingers together. But I did have the warm wash cloth close by and paper towels. I had to wipe my hands off alot. But I am messy. And I did use a half of bottle of Aleene's clear tacky glue.
Be careful don't put alot of glue on. Alittle goes a long way. I would also cut  the pieces alittle bigger than what they say. it did take awhile to complete  but I was being careful and waiting for things to dry properly.
Would I make another one?  Probably,  but not tomorrow. (wink)
I found a web site that still sells  this pattern and others.
Hmmmm I like the  Victorian .

Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Needle Box

Here Is the middle layer. 
Everything is glued . It is really pretty easy.
First layer all done
 I made one of the side a pocket. It was an option. That was a ONLY sewing  so far. Sewing the casing for the elastic. Just one straight line
First and second layer finished.   waiting to dry.
I will finish it today.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Needle Box

The first layer is done.well half done . I still have to put the lining fabric on
 Still wet alittle. I haven't glued my fingers together

I would have cut the pieces just a dad bigger. But I am following directions.   NOT like I am going to make another. I don't think so . (wink). You have to let each step dry.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Needle Box

I got this kit YEARS ago and I am thinking today is the day.  I have everything laid out.  I am really not too sure how frustrating it is going to be gluing every single piece

Do I have the patience for this?   we will see. But since it is the month for needle cases  I thought I better try.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Needle Case

 The month of August for Liz's Sew Along we are to make needle cases.
Here are mine.
 All three open
All 3 closed
This one I use for hand sewing needles.
This one is my favorite. I made one like this YEARS ago and I use it alot. I wanted to make one to match my sewing room. Wouldn't you know it, I was in a hurry and sewn the felt on the wrong side. I was not paying attention; You know how it goes. I stopped for dinner  then came back in the sewing room wanting to hurry up and get it done. At least I was able to use coordinating fabric. :)  I am sure at least 1 person will see the mistake.(LIZ)
This matches my sewing room . These are so cute   compact I like how the cases fit.
open   This I use for my machine needles.  Sewing 
This one matches my sewing tote when I have to take my sewing with me.  This one I have different kinds of machine needles, double needles, embroidery,  regular machine needles.
I am so glad Liz is doing this sew along.   Thanks again Lizzie !!!
All of these pattern you can find on Liz's Blog.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Tim and I both got new IPhones.  And if any of you know us.. That is saying something big.(wink)
Tim doesn't change his phone much at all. he has had only 3 phones. He will use his phone til it dies. His first phone AT&T told him  he had to stop using it . His phone was still on analog, he had to go digital. lol that was his first phone.  Then he got a digital  a flip phone. That was so bad and even spot welled the antenna. But he kept saying it works. I played with my daughters IPhone for a few months and liked it.  I wanted  a new phone. I got a IPhone 4 S  and I got Tim an IPhone 4.
The whole point of this post is to show you the little pocket I made to charge the phone.
I found this link awhile back and always had it in my mind I needed to make this.
While my daughter Timmi was here visiting with her 2 boys I made it and she took it home. :) She loves browns

I will make one in colors I like.

Here is Tim at the Midland, Texas Airport playing Angry Birds on his IPhone. Gotta love that man!!!
We are still learning how to use these so called smartphones.