Sunday, September 28, 2008


Friday I spent the day with Amy. She finished her quilt She is calling it IKE. She didn't have a headache and stomach problems the past 2 days. I hope sewing and quilting helped.
Yesterday I cut out and started to sew a quilt for Janice, Timmi's mother in law. Since they put Tim and me up during the hurricane I thought a quilt my be nice. For me sewing the Irish Chain is the easiest and fastest. I have 3 of 9 rows finished.

Janice also asked me if I would quilt one of her mother's quilts that was never finished. I didn't want to quilt over the roses she cross stitched with yarn so I used big stipple. I was able to use a Ralph Lauren full sheet for the back. I think it worked out well. Timmi and the boys stopped by yesterday They got new hair cuts.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Enough is Enough

There is only so much one can do after this terrible hurricane. Cleaning and yesterday I said enough is enough we need a break. I took her up stairs to her sewing/quilting room and said take a break . We need to do something OTHER than cleaning, washing, dragging things from one place to another. We both needed some "therapy"

Amy made this top yesterday she still isn't finished she needs to add borders and of course quilt it.. I bet she even worked on it after I left. Amy laid it one a back of another quilt she wants to see how big to make the borders. She is calling her quilt "IKE"
I finished Harley's cowboy quilt I have to make my tag for it .

The back is all little cowboys

It felt good to play with the fabric and sew for awhile. I have a feeling when I go over to Amy's today we will do the same.

(She took some time off work get things done around the house) She has to wait now for the insurance people .

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

IKE The Aftermath

This was one of our front windows the day we left our home.
Ike did major damage to the Texas Gulf Coast and inland passed the Woodlands and Conroe.
Most places have curfew in affect and power is still out. Of course Galveston and the Coast got hit the worse. I am sure most of you have seen the horrible pictures of the news.

In our own area most homes have roof damage. Trees falling on homes and roads, fences down, and power lines down across the area. Some area won't have electricity for a month.
We got our power back but it does go off and on for a period of time.
We live about 30 minutes north of Galveston right in the path of IKE. We did evacuate to Kathy Texas which is another hour north west. They had damage as well.
Almost everyone on our block has some kind of damage. Trees fell on alot of home, but there were no injuries.
Before the storm even hit the area, Timmi and I went out to take some pictures. The storm didn't hit us until the middle of the night. I am so glad I decided to evacuate. If it was that bad up north in Katy I can't imagine how it was at our home father south. Kathy lost power and we used our generator up there to keep the refrigerators, a small TV, fans and some lights going.
Amy decided to stay, and she lives 10 minutes from me; closer to Galveston. She did get damage to her home. Timmi and Dylan's home was OK. Amy has a big 2 story and part of the roof is damaged and the second floor ceilings came crashing down.

We haven't even walked around the neighborhood yet. We arrived home yesterday and we took the boards down from the windows and got the Big branches from the yard.. Today we start cleaning up the yard. We do NOT have 1 tree in our yard but we have limbs from everyone else. Now I know why Tim doesn't want any trees.
I did learn we just need to be more prepared. I thought I was. We need more water, ice and gasoline for the generator.

This is my neighbor across the street. It caught just the corner of her home. trees are like this all over out neighborhood as we drove it to our home.
Amy's second floor bedroom

looks like snow but it her insulation & ceiling pieces on the bed EACH DAY THINGS WILL GET BETTER. People will be getting more electricity. KEEP TEXAS IN YOUR PRAYERS. The government is doing an excellent job. From the local , state, federal, everyone. There is order.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Many Things

Please, take time out today for remembrance 9/11 . Let us never forget.
God Bless the USA
I completed my set of travel bags.
The last one was the cosmetic bag It is bigger than my old cosmetic bag and I like it . It has all these different compartment. For storage they all fit in the large tote. I am ready for a weekend getaway. Hint hint!!

Today is my niece's birthday. Happy Birthday Kim

So much is going on we are preparing our house for Hurricane IKE. Tim boarded up the back of the house yesterday. Today after work he will get the front windows. Tim is working on the living room windows. You can see he got the back bedroom up already.
on the other side is our master bedroom.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy , Busy, Busy

Now I can post some things I have made. Most have received their gifts...
I made my brother in law AL a quilt for his hunting place. he said he wasn't going to use it up north there. it was too nice. LOL He can be so sweet. I am glad he liked it.
I made a few Birthday gifts and I believe they received them . The chest are little pincushions and in the boxes are little chocolates/candies made with pink and brown satin.

I made the little jewelry bag to go with all the other totes/bags I am making in the set. I have 1 more to make the cosmetic bag

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Necessity Bag

I was able to finish my necessity bag. I am really liking this set of bags.
Sewing with plastic is NOT one of my favorite things but I am getting better. lol

Of course we are watching the weather for Hurricane IKE. It changed coarse last night It looks like he is heading for South Texas, South of Padre Island. We will still keep an eye on him. So far so good for Galveston.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Smaller Tote/Bag

Yesterday morning I had a chance to make the smaller tote. It is exactly the same as the larger one. I could actually use this as a purse. It also has 6 pockets inside and 2 outside pockets 1 on each side. Making the second one always goes faster.
Sunday afternoon we went to Timmi's to watch the Pittsburgh Steeler's vs the Houston Texan's.
Funny Our family is from Pittsburgh so we love the "black n gold" Dylan was born and raised here in Houston. Timmi wears a Pittsburgh Steeler jersey and Big Dylan wears his Houston . Not often do the Steeler's play the Texans. but when they do it is fun at Timmi's house. They played fair this year.. Dylan Austin had a Houston shirt on and Harley had a Steeler shirt on.
Pittsburgh won 38-17
Dylan Austin, Tim, me holding Harley, Big Dylan hold their dog Miss Elizabeth,sitting on a steeler pillow with a Steeler collar and leash, Timmi and Big Dylan's friend Kevin.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Large Tote

I finished making the large tote yesterday. It was easy to go from one machine to the other having them all out on 1 table was great. Tim did a wonderful job on this table for me. I am one happy camper. The large tote is very roomy. It has good size 6 pockets inside , 3 on each side.
This coming week I will make the other matching totes and bags. I am pleased how this one turned out.
Plenty of room, I can use this for a weekend get away.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

One of Those Projects

I am doing one of those projects that I end up having 3 machines going. I don't like to keep changing my color of thread and sometimes I have to use my old serger. I am so glad Tim made this table so big. I got all 3 sitting here and I don't even have the extension out yet.
I am making a series of travel bags. I bought this book 2 years ago and then the fabric at least a year ago on sale. Thought I would take a break from quilting and make these. I love all kinds of bags and totes.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Another week flying by.
I finally finished making my birthday gifts for my lady friends for August and September.
I took a picture of the gifts but I forgot to take one of the 6 boxes I was mailing.
Hope each and everyone one enjoys their little treat; Josie, Beverly, Evelyn, Peg, Lyn and Barbara.
I am going to get my hair cut today.
I have to decide what project I will do next. I am almost finished with Harley's quilt. Just have to add some length. Timmi has it right now, we wanted to check the size for his bed. Harley has a "loft" bed . She wants a perfect fit.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yesterday was fun. Timmi and the boys were here almost all day. We had a great time. Dylan Austin says the funniest things at time. Over the labor Day weekend they were at their in laws (Grandma Ireland's) I asked Dylan did they have fun at Grandma Ireland's house and he replied oh yes Grandma it was special. He started telling me all the things they did. After he was done I said I was glad he had a good time and that I sure did miss him. He looked up at me and said Grandma I missed you too, a whole bunch, all they way to 37. And for him that is ALOT. He is learning to count and his daddy's birthday was also over the weekend and he turned 37 . I guess they kept saying wow daddy is 37. Dylan will tell me what other people have said or what they have done. I wonder what he tells people what I have said or done. lol

Harley playing with Thomas take along's
Dylan playing with Thomas motorized and "Cars"

You would think they get tired of Thomas, but no they love playing with trains and Harley wants to do everything that Dylan does.
Since my treadmill is dead I have to fine my Leslie Sansone DVD

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Over The Hump

I think my treadmill finally bit the dust. It didn't even go 30 minutes today. Each day it is less and less . I think it is the motor. It just keeps shutting off. All my good intention just went down the drain. Now I could say that will give me more time to sew, but I do need to exercise. I will have to think of something else to do.

Today is Timmi's Birthday She is coming down with the boys

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This is going to be a short week with Tim having yesterday off. Over the weekend we got alot of little them done that needed our attention. Hanging a few pictures, fixing a closet door that never stayed closed, repairing a few items that were broke, sprayed the yard for these nasty mosquitoes, you know the things that get put off. Tim even sorted out some screws and washers that get throw in a container. There are still some things that need to be done but we will get at them later. hahaha. It was nice having Tim home for the long weekend.
I was busy catching up on making little gifts for friends. I can't post pictures here yet; they may see them before I send them out.
Today I hope to finish up these little gifts.