Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thimble Case/Keep

This month of October Liz Sew Along is Thimble Cases/ Keep.
Although she has some really pretty links to sew  I found 2 c ones.  well I found pictures. Looking at the pictures I tried to creat my own pattern. I think I did ok
The first is a small hat, it can actually be a needle case as well. The one I saw on the internet was red
The photo of it closed is a bad file now.  I only have the photo of it open.
 Of course I had to crochet my in blue to match my room. I just crocheted around my thimble for size then made the brim. Increasing each round.
 The bottom part just a circle. 
 Added some felt  and needles
This I saw also on the Internet. How cute is this.  Carnation thimble holder
I don't think I did too bad trying to make my own from a photo.
 Again I crocheted around one of my thimbles and then  crocheted  layers of ruffles.
 This old thimble is green  to match the flower
 The thimble does stay in so I can hang it

I am holding the string
Both of these was so easy to make.
I am sure I will make at least one of the ones Liz's posted . They are adorable. I just have been in a crocheting mood here lately.

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Olga said...

I love your blue hat thimble case. It's so cute. And you did a great job on the carnation one too!