Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pull Apart Pork

I tried a new receipe yesterday. Pull apart pork I found it on the Internet. It is very simple. A pork loin,BBQ sauce and honey. I didn't have honey so I used light Karo Syrup.its just to sweeten it a little. I cut the pork loin in pieces about 2inch (this is just to make it pull it apart easier).
a whole bottle of BBQ sauce and 2 tablespoon or 3 of the Karo syrup. I did add alittle water . I put this all on my crockpot on high around 9 am. About 1pm I check on it and started pulling it apart. At 3pm I just had to taste it. Lol. It sure did make the house smell good. I will make this again.

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ARLENE said...

Hi, Susan,
This sounds delicious! What other projects are you working on?